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Matériel Cannabis Moulins à Herbes
Moulins à Herbes cannabis Easyleaf Solid Grinder - Hash Grinder Easyleaf Solid Grinder - Hash Grinder
Prix : 7.60€

Easyleaf Solid Grinder - Hash Grinder

CNC (computer numerical control) machined for accuracy and made of high quality aircraft alloy, the Easyleaf Solid grinder is nickel-plated for a smooth finish that will never flake. The curved, flat-top teeth are built in to the halves of the grinder and won't break off, and with so many teeth, you'll never need to hold the flame to your hash again! Just stuff a few pieces in between the teeth and the grinder will effortlessly break it up into bits that are easy to roll with or to burn evenly in a bowl. Every aspect of an Easyleaf grinder is designed to ensure a better grinding experience, and it's the only grinder on the market to have a food safety standard coating applied to its surface. If you're not impressed with other grinders' bells and whistles and you just want a high-quality, durable piece that does the job for a good price, this Easyleaf grinder is the one you've been waiting for!
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