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Vaporisateurs cannabis Got Vape - Basics 510 Portable Concentrate Vaporizer Pen - Blue Got Vape - Basics 510 Portable Concentrate Vaporizer Pen - Blue
Prix : 16.00€

Got Vape - Basics 510 Portable Concentrate Vaporizer Pen - Blue

The GotVape 510 Basics Vaporizer Pen is designed specifically for concentrates and essential oils and is the perfect vaporizer pen for beginners. The heating chamber allows for both easy cleaning and refilling due to the bottom fill wickless design. The heating chamber is equiped with an innovative refillable H2 clearomizer, allowing the pen to holp up to 2.0 ML of your preferred liquid.
The GotVape 510 Basics Vaporizer Pen has several outstanding features such as a refillable heating tank, a 900 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, an auto shut-off safety and a rapid 5 second heat up time making this the perfect Vaporizer pen for beginners. This GotVape 510 Basics Vaporizer Pen comes in a white base with a blue heating tank and measures 5.75 inches (14.6cm) in height and 0.5 inches (13mm) in diameter, making it ideal to take along with you in your pocket or purse.
The Got Vape Basics 510 Vaporizer Pen comes delivered with a complete set including a H2 Atomizer, a wired USB charger and a user manual.
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