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Matériel Cannabis Moulins à Herbes
Moulins à Herbes cannabis Grinder Cleaner - The Purilizer (TM) Grinder Cleaner - The Purilizer (TM)
Prix : 6.92€
You have probably already realized that your precious grinder grinder doesn't stay clean all by itself forever. Therefore we have again came up with the perfect solution for your beloved habit, the Purilizer TM.
This smart cleaning fluid motivates and helps you to keep your grinder in best and clean shape, it is easy to use and handle and wont take much of your time either. Simply spray the PurilizerTM once or twice into your grinder parts, help yourself by brushing the pins with a toothbrush and rinse with hot water.
After appliance of the Purilizer TM your grinder will work and convince you as on the day you bought it.
A clean and perfectly working grinder guarantees highest grinding comfort and results, so it's not too much of a big deal to invest those two minutes once in while. With this cleaning fluid you get yourself a product that was especially designed for metal and plastic grinder, it can be used for almost all ordinary grinders on the market, except wooden products for obvious reasons.
There are plenty of possibilities to clean your grinder but only one of them will show that remarkable result that makes your grinder shine like on the first day, and this for up to 75 times.
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