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Papiers à Rouler cannabis Mascotte Extra - Regular Size Rolling Papers - Single Pack Mascotte Extra - Regular Size Rolling Papers - Single Pack
Prix : 0.86€

Mascotte Extra - Regular Size Rolling Papers - Single Pack

In the Netherlands at the end of World War II, importation of rolling papers was not permitted, so Frank Mignot turned his cigar and cigarette family business towards manufacturing these fine, high-quality rolling papers that are still among the most popular in Holland and are making their way around the world.
These Mascotte Extra rolling papers are 1 1/4 size (78mm) and are bleached without chlorine. Each leaf is extra thin, watermarked, slow-burning and self-extinguishing, so if you leave your joint sitting in the ashtray it wont burn all the way down while you're doing something else. One pack contains 50 papers.
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