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Matériel Cannabis Papiers à Rouler
Papiers à Rouler cannabis RAW Perforated Wide Hemp Cotton Tips - Single Pack RAW Perforated Wide Hemp Cotton Tips - Single Pack
Prix : 0.60€

RAW Perforated Wide Hemp Cotton Tips - Single Pack

RAW Hemp Cotton Tips are made with the same quality hemp paper that RAW is known and loved for! Completely chlorine and chemical free and made from pure hemp cotton! Tips enhance your smoking experience by preventing your tobacco from accidentally getting into your mouth. You can use any bit of heavy paper in a pinch but it's always best to use a real paper tip as a roach or crutch for rolling. The perforated edges on these tips makes them easier to rip off and roll. One pack contains 50 Tips and they are made a little wider than some smokers may be used to, best to use with larger rolling papers!
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