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Matériel Cannabis Moulins à Herbes
Moulins à Herbes cannabis Tattoo Metal Herb Grinder - 3-part Tattoo Metal Herb Grinder - 3-part
Prix : 8.00€

Tattoo Metal Herb Grinder - 3-part

This little grinder is the perfect size to have with you when rolling up on the go, or a cool item to keep in your regular smoking kit! Each grinder comes with one of various old-school tattoo designs on the lid, and the top and bottom lids are perfectly square so the grinder can rest on the table at any angle without rolling away. Sharp, diamond-shaped teeth grind up your herb in seconds and the magnetized lid will ensure a secure fit. The middle piece has a pollen screen attached and the third piece at the bottom of the grinder collects any stray bits and pollen that fall through. Just unscrew the bottom piece to get to it!
You'll receive one of these tattoo designs on the grinder's lid at random, based on availability.
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