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pipes cannabis Transformer Tubes - Grate Connector Transformer Tubes - Grate Connector
Prix : 3.20€

Transformer Tubes - Grate Connector

This small module for your Transformer Tubes bong kit is "grate" for holding activated charcoal, felt or cotton filters and then stacking as part of your bong building kit! With a grate at the bottom, smoke is filtered through for a smoother bong hit! Constructed from affordable, lightweight and durable polycarbonate, the same tough material used to make bulletproof windows, this piece easily twists onto any other Transformer Tubes module with a large double helix thread that forms a tight seal and won't become stripped or worn.
This Grate Connector module is completely interchangeable with all other Transformer Tubes modules, so it's just one little part of infinite mix and match possibilities!
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